Vanessa is a Bolivian-American photographer and designer based in Los Angeles.

Vanessa's business began in 2016 and has rapidly grown due to her bold aesthetic. "From A Bolivian" has grown into a service where she can provide all that is needed to her clients. With a strong background in fashion, Vanessa also is an art director, stylist, graphic designer and social media maven to her clients. Helping them create imagery and extending it to brand development. 

Vanessa is known for her colorful and rich vibe, a signature aesthetic that is rich in depth and representative of her cultural and ancestral background. She gravitates toward native prints, vibrant colors, natural backgrounds, mixed in with a variety of textures. When she’s not behind the camera, Vanessa is managing her online clothing shop, where she designs indigenous and modern pieces inspired by her Bolivian and South American roots. For more on her shop, click here.

If you’re in love with Vanessa’s vibe, don't hesitate to contact her. She’s always up for meeting new people, dreaming up creative projects, and chatting about new opportunities.