Beach Getaway by vanessa acosta

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Destination: San Clemente

So my boyfriend and I had a pretty long week last week. We were in the process of moving while managing our work life and other daily chores. It was a lot and we needed a weekend getaway FAST. The past couple of years I've noticed a fast rise in the "travel" lifestyle. It is now a luxury to be spontaneous. I used to do spontaneous trips all the time with no trouble in getting reservations, camping spots or cute B&B's at a good price or just even snagging a place to stay used to be easy. Now you're lucky to find an accommodation just days before your spontaneous trip. But we tried anyways and luckily succeeded. 

We first started off with desert destinations. Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree but we wanted to stay at those places for more than one night and that's all we had since this was a very last minute decision for us. So then we brainstormed to the forest, rivers and mountains like Idyllwild, Kern River but then thought "What about camping on the beach?!" So that is when the search ensued. I looked all along the southern coast of California. But we wanted camping ON THE BEACH, not by the beach or around the beach. We wanted the real beach camping experience. So after a tirelessly looking, I found us THE LAST SPOT at the San Clemente State Beach camping. And for under $50 we snagged our weekend getaway for two and our little dog. 

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See I grew up in Orange County and this wasn't a long road trip for us. It was at most 2 hours because of traffic. San Clemente is South OC and a super chill surf area. Even though I grew up around there I felt like a tourist. I had never been to this specific area of the beach and it was magical. Empty, dogs able to run around which is rare on the coast. Not ravaged by big crowds. It was quiet and most of the people there were our camping neighbors which was just on the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. Everything was perfect. We spent our afternoon on the beach, watched the sunset, built a campfire, ate hot dogs and s'mores and laid in our tent watching the stars and peacefully went into our slumber...


UNTIL an aggressive wind storm woke us up in the middle of the night. The lovely beach camping that we thought was such a great idea wasn't looking so great when it came to bed time. Our medium sized tent would have blown away if we weren't keeping it down with our weight. It seemed like our tent was destroyed with the intense winds of the night and we slept maybe a good 2 hours until 6am when we decided to just pack it up in the freezing cold weather. The idea was lovely but nature is not very forgiving. We still had another full day to explore so our getaway wasn't all that bad. We explored historic San Juan Capistrano and relaxed at a Japanese Garden in Costa Mesa. So overall our trip was one for the books. Something for us to remember, to laugh about and a little trip that didn't break our wallets. Stay tuned for our next adventure. Many more to come. 

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Balance by vanessa acosta

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Hello all. 

Happy 2018. A new year but not a fresh start. I used to think a new year signified a fresh start, a clean slate, a new you. It's not. It's a continuation of many things. It's a time to cut ties with bad habits, with dead ends, bad company and then you continue onto a new year with a better outlook, an evolved mentality than the last. And that is what I did. I didn't have an extravagant NYE, it was spent in pajamas drinking a glass of Champagne and watching the fireworks. 

Last year going into this new year was a smooth continuation of a lot of things for me. Being in a relationship, hustling, still being a small business owner. And all of these things are just evolving. I am working just as hard and expanding ways on how to book more gigs in more creative ways. And my small business now has an official office and headquarters. And my relationship is growing in many ways and us working through things and communicating more. All these things in my life are the same as the last moments of last year, the only difference is that are still progressing, they are still growing, they are still evolving. I find happiness and peace in that.

All my past years started with a "clean slate" mentality because now that I look back I realize I wanted that so called clean slate and fresh start because I wasn't content with my life. I had to set these resolutions because I felt like my life wasn't being lived to the fullest. This year I have "goals" not "resolutions". I am reaching for the sky and putting the building blocks down now. I look at my life now at 28 years old and I'm happy. I have everything I could have. A sweet and thoughtful partner, a blooming career, a growing audience, loving friends, an even more loving and supportive family. Some of these aspects didn't exist in my past years. And I look at my life now and realize that something as simple as a supportive family can go a long way. And something like a career you love and enjoy can give you so much life. This is my mentality at the moment. And I'm ok with it. 

I'm at home in a sweatshirt and undies in bed on a Friday night at 9pm writing this blog post and I'm ok with that. My room is a mess because I haven't been home for days and I'm ok with that. I'm ok with life and that is a relief for me because it's very important to ask the universe for things and want to manifest more in your life but you have to be thankful and happy with the things you already have in your life. You cannot manifest with a desperate "I NEED THAT" mentality. I've done that and things didn't end well. And now that we are done with our first week of the year, let us continue in moving forward. Not starting over, not going back but continuing with the life we have managed to build for ourselves. Get rid of the bad habits, the toxic people and leave those behind as you move forward. And to that I lift my glass of wine I am currently consuming and wishing you all the best year of your lives. 2018 is going to be a mighty mighty year for me and for you. 

Wild Year by vanessa acosta

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It is officially a year since I decided to quit my full time job to pursue the freelance life. It has had it's ups and downs. There have been highs and lows but I tried to focus on the highs and not dwell too much on the lows. 

I entered an industry that can be very intimidating to a lot, but after being put at the bottom of the barrel in the fashion industry from design job to design job I did not accept that anymore. I valued myself, sometimes even valued myself more than I should. But that confidence, that drive got me to land gigs I never would have dreamed of. Entering the photography world in 2017 was a rollercoaster. But I enjoyed every minute of it. 

2017 was about adjusting and readjusting to technology, to people, to your self worth. Never in a million years would I have thought my growth would reach this level in photography. I worked alongside The Do Lab team, got published my first year, got picked by Boost Mobile to collaborate with. Those are just some among the many I worked with this year. One thing I did learn was that you shouldn't sell yourself short. There were times when people wanted to take advantage and pay very little or nothing at all. Us creatives who work in the art field must have worth in ourselves and our work. We don't have to be starving artists. And as a brown woman, a lot of interested parties would not value the worth of a brown woman but wanted to use the magic of a brown woman without compensation. This was a learning process. 

But now at the end of 2017 I have a better idea of how to move forward. I know how to deal with certain people. I value myself and my self worth. It was a growing year and 2018 will follow with even more success and more exciting work. I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who booked me this year, who supported me, who recommended me, who saw value in my work. It means the world to me. For a girl who is now officially a year in photography, I honestly couldn't be more grateful. So cheers to taking leaps, being fearless and knowing your worth! 

Shy Girl Club by vanessa acosta

I decided to add a blog portion to my newly built website. Just so you can take a look inside a photographers life and get to know me on a personal level.

More often than not I am hidden behind the lens. As I evolve as a photographer and grow as an individual, I've begun to develop this over critical mentality of myself when my photos are taken. It's a bad habit to pick up, as a photographer you know exactly how a person should pose, look, stand, smile. BUT when it comes to me, I freeze. I get camera shy! I've spoken to other photographers as well and this is a thing. Not for all photographers, but many can sympathize with this new found shyness. The strange thing for me is that I used to not be this shy, I was always getting my picture taken, I LOVED getting my picture taken. But here we are, years down the line and a collection of photos featuring me as the focal point that don't meet my standards. I think becoming a photographer made my standards higher. I also want to feel confident with the person who is taking my images. These are all reasonable thoughts to have when someone is pointing a camera in your face!

When someone isn't comfortable in front of the camera, it shows. The ability to make the subject comfortable and confident is a hard thing to achieve, especially when someone is self conscious about themselves. I've noticed that the only pictures I love of myself are the candid ones that were shot by close friends of mine. I was myself with them. It wasn't forced, it was a safe space, it was fun. So to my subjects that I photograph, I can sympathize as well. I too have my moments where I am awkward in front of the camera, or don't like how I look at the moment. But the purest moments are captured with souls you connect with. And that is what I strive to hold and capture with my clients, I get to know them as we progress with the photoshoot, I ask questions, I am interested in what you do, being a model isn't a requirement to achieving a beautiful photo of showing your truest self. There's nothing more fun than having a shoot with a laid back gal who just wants to get cute shots of another human being. The end results are magical. And as I experience the awkward stage of my confidence, I can level with my clients and we can grow together as we evolve into strong, confident women! Girls making magic happen together.

 Written by: Vanessa Acosta

Written by: Vanessa Acosta